Ivory Carver

History has retained the names of about fifteen hundred ivory carvers of note.

If you have an ivory sculpture or object that is signed or monogramed it will add greatly to its value if it can be confirmed that it is authentic and was produced by this sculptor.

Fine antique ivory sculptures and objects made by master carvers have high value.

Authentication also applies to antique ivory sculptures and objects as well as to ivory antiquities.

There is plenty of ivory in the world including hundreds of thousands of mammoth tusks and the temptation is strong to produce forgeries of valuable antiques and antiquities.

We authenticate all ivory sculptures and objects from the past, from antique to antiquities.

Another area where authentication is needed is regarding primitive and tribal ivory artefacts. These items have also become valuable and there is an active market producing fake ones.

We authenticate all ivory artworks and objects from fine art sculptures to primitive tools.

Please send us a set of photos so we can see it from all sides as well as dimensions.

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