Ernst Kehrer
Erbach, Germany)

German ivory sculptor

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Ernst Kehrer was one of the most popular carvers of ivory-jewelry. His favour themes were deer, dogs and horses, which he devised masterlfully. His brooches of hunt has been popular especially in the middle of the 19th century.

Kehrer`s brooches are devised extremely filigran with borders of rocaille. His descriptions are depicted dynamic and eventful.

Kehrer, Brooch


Kehrer, Flight of deer

Flight of deer

Kehrer, Brooch with staghounds

Brooch with staghounds

Kehrer, Brooch with horses

Brooch with horses

Kehrer, Brooch with deer

Brooch with deer

Ernst Kehrer is regarded as one of the leading ivory carvers of ivory-jewellery. His ivory works exerted a great influence on the works of other contemporary ivory carvers. Do you think you own a jewellery by Ernst Kehrer? Contact us. We are the ivory experts on Ernst Kehrer.