David Heschler

German ivory carver

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David Heschler was a prominent German ivory and wood-carver born in Memmingen, Germany. Heschler belonged to a large group of sculptors who were active in southern Germany and Switzerland. Heschler came from a family of carvers and studied with his father, Sigmund Heschler. The father and son team collaborated on several pieces, including figures installed on the high altar of the former Klosterkirche at Buxheim, near Memmingen, Germany. The altar- pieces were influenced 16th-century Italian sculpture.

Heschler, Adaptation of Ruben's

Adaptation of Ruben's "Descent from the Cross"

Heschler, The Deposition, circa 1660 (silver, ivory, ebony)

The Deposition, circa 1660 (silver, ivory, ebony)

Heschler worked during the 17th century, while Baroque, ivory pieces were of high fashion in European society. While many artists used the ivory tusk, Heschler led some of the most respected carvers in Ulm, Germany. The group signed their work with a silver stamp, which contained an illustration of Ulm.

The work of Heschler was originally purchased by the Queen Christina, and was eventually passed down to the Queen Dowager Hedvig Eleonora. In 1763 the National Museum in Germany purchased a piece by Heschler, which had been possessed by the Lovo church.

Heschler's work is extremely detailed and virtuous. Many of his carvings were direct copies of paintings, such as Ruben's "Descent from the Cross". Heschler tended to focus on religious and classical themes in his work.

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Heschler, Kentauren Carriage

Kentauren Carriage

Heschler, Hercules Supporting Heavy Spehere (boxwood, silver)

Hercules Supporting Heavy Spehere (boxwood, silver)