Pre-ban Ivory Certificate $275 per item

Selling works of art in ivory or uncarved trophy tusks is now only possible with a certificate that verifies the age of the piece.

If you need a Pre-ban certificate for your ivory here is the procedure:

1) You provide a set of photos of the item and at least one photo must contain a tape measure showing the size of the item.

2) If you know when the item came to the US and from where you share this information with us.

3) You send payment of $275 per item

4) We prepare the documentation required by the US Fish and Wildlife Service regarding the nature and the age of the ivory item and we submit this documentation together with a $75 fee to the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

5) Within 90 days the US Fish and Wildlife Service decides if the submission for your item has been approved and if it is approved they send us CITES pre-Convention certificate which is also called the Pre-ban certificate.

6) We mail this certificate to you.

7) You can now legally sell your ivory item.

To find out more, please contact us by email at or phone 305-447-7643


Allow the sale of ivory and we provide them