Ivory identification, appraisal, sales and pre-ban services


Authentications and attributions

There were sculptors who specialized in working in ivory and became famous. Their works command high prices. Quality sculptures should always be checked for the possibility they might be the work of one of these important artists. It increases value many times when an ivory sculpture can be ascribed to a specific carver.

There were also workshops and monasteries that had their own styles and ivory sculptures that can be ascribed specifically to one of them gain many times in value as compared to generic pieces.


It consists in determining when an ivory sculpture or object was carved, where, and what it is or who it represents. Some ivory sculptures are portraits of historic figures. It increases value greatly when the individual is identified. Even when sculptures represent characters from legends, mythology or religion it increases their value to identify who they are.

Pre-ban certificates

Legal ivory sales. The main concern about ivory pieces today is whether they are legal old pre-ban ivory?

If you lack paperwork to prove that your ivory is legal, Ivory Experts will help you determine what documentation  you need to sell, insure, transfer, or donate the object and process it for you.  

We offer our clients a sound understanding of current ivory laws and regulations to assist their purchase, sale and shipping.

We will assist clients through the complicated maze of ivory laws including:

  • CITES:  the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
  • Marine Mammal Protection Act
  • African Elephant Conservation Act


Ivory Experts, Inc. are USPAP-certified appraisers. We are associated with some of the most experienced scholars of ivory in the world. We will be pleased to appraise the value of any ivory object for these purposes:

  • Insurance adjusters
  • Insurance agents
  • Insurance underwriters
  • Attorneys
  • Inventory
  • Donations (IRS form 8283)
  • Asset preservation
  • Estate administration
  • Estate planning
  • Estate distribution
  • Estate taxes (IRS form 706)
  • Gifts
  • Divorce
  • Equitable distribution
  • Bankruptcy
  • Federal and State Taxes
  • Liquidation
  • Sales
  • Net worth


Ivory Experts facilitates sales and will act as ivory brokers.

We also take items on consignment.

We have many years of experience in advising estates and trusts, and act as confidential consultants.

The consignment sales commission is usually in the range of 10 to 20 percent.


The expertise of Ivory Experts spans Eastern and Western ivory carving; ivory from remote antiquity to the present day.

Sometimes the provenance of ivory is unusual. We have a team of researchers who have access to the largest collections of decorative arts archival and library records in the world.

Ivory Experts research services are for individuals, commercial , institutional and government clients worldwide.


How to contact Ivory Experts client services

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@ivoryexperts.com.


E-mail: info@ivoryexperts.com





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